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Custom Building and Fabrication for Over 40 Years!

Locally owned since 1981, Demel's Welding & Construction has decades of demonstrated workmanship to be proud of. Offering competitive pricing for quality work has allowed the company to prosper, gaining a solid customer base and excellent local reputation. 

We are committed to using the highest quality materials, exceeding expectations with our craftsmanship, and impressing with our professionalism throughout the process. 

We have now applied these years of skills and expectations to our latest venture, the Texas Size Tiny Barndos that will provide years of durability and mobility for our customers. Our mission with these barndos is to create housing that is affordable, energy efficient, moveable, and maintenance-free. Experience in metal fabrication allows us to create durable metal-frame homes that offer the strengths of a barndominum with the mobility of a tiny-home. 

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